General Application Guidelines

01 Clean

Clean the place where you want to stick your decal and let it dry.

02 Peel off

Peel the transparent transport foil (the decal should remain on it).

03 Stick

Stick the transport foil with the decal, then press it with a card or hand.

04 Remove

Remove the transport film with a smooth movement (only the decal should remain on the place where you stuck it).

What is the durability of our decals?

In most cases, stickers retain their quality outdoors without fading for 7 years, which is the durability of our car decals. Most of them retain their color and integrity even longer in relatively favorable climatic conditions. Temperature resistance – 50 ° C to + 120 ° C

Is it easy to apply a car decal?

It is quickest and easiest to apply a car foil on flat or slightly profiled surfaces. If the adhesion passes over highly rounded surfaces, mounting may be more difficult, requiring more time. In addition, small surface decals are much easier to apply than wide surface decals.

When does the decal achieve optimum adhesive strength?

Our decals achieve optimum adhesive strength after 3 days. Before the expiration of this period, the car must not be washed in car wash.

Is it easy to remove a decal at a later stage?

Minimum ambient and surface temperature: + 20ºC.
The removal of the decal from the surface must be done at an angle of 180º.
For easier removal, heat the foil with a hot air gun.

It is possible that parts of the adhesive layer remain in the following cases:

  • if the decal is very old;
  • if the ambient and surface temperature is significantly lower than this written above;

These residues can be easily removed with a glue removal spray.